3 Signs You Need a Pond Clean-Out Appointment [infographic]

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Is your beautiful pond looking a little weathered and needing a little pick-me-up? Is it not looking how it did when you first had it installed? It may be time for a pond clean-out appointment. Here are three signs that it is time for a pond clean-out.

3 Signs You Need a Pond Clean-Out Appointment

1.   Chemical Balance – It is very important to make sure that the chemicals in your pond are in balance. A very important chemical to check is ammonia. If the ammonia levels are off in your pond you most likely will not be able to visually be able to tell. The only visual sign you might see is if your fish start to die off. Ammonia comes from the decomposition of leaves, fish poop and even frogs and other animals that did not survive the winter. Any amount of ammonia in your pond poses a serious risk. If there is ammonia present the pond will need to be drained and cleaned.

2.   Water quality – Over time, muck and dead leaves, twigs, etc. build up at the bottom of your pond. The bottom layer of muck is where algae love to grow when the temperatures start to increase over the summer months. If you notice algae, muck or a lot of debris in your pond it is definitely time to have your pond clean-out done.

3 Signs You Need a Pond Clean-Out Appointment [infographic]

3.   Visual signs – If you cannot see through to the bottom of your pond, then it is time for a cleanout. Even if your pond water looks clear we recommend poking a stick into the bottom of your pond and give it a swirl. If there is muck or mud, then it is also time for a cleanout.

Keeping your pond beautiful all year long starts with a good cleanout. Give us a call at Just Pondering today!