Key Tips for Spring Pond Clean-Out

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Key Tips for Spring Pond Clean-Out Owning a pond is generally low maintenance. However, it’s still necessary to prep your pond for the changing seasons so it will remain healthy. Here are a few key tips for a spring pond clean-out to help you get ready for the season.

  • Start Early – When conducting a spring pond clean-out, the earlier the better. You want to clean out your pond before the water temperature reaches 55 degrees. If conducted later during warmer temperatures, you risk bacteria growing along your filter and gravel.
  • Drain Your Pond – A proper pond clean out for spring involves draining your pond and refilling it with fresh water. Here are some tips on how to complete this:
    • At the deepest point of your pond, place a cleanout pump.
    • Drain to the surrounding landscape, while relocating the discharge hose multiple times to prevent pooling of water.
    • While draining, set a container of water aside to place your koi fish in.
    • Using a net, catch the fish and place them in a holding container with water that was set aside.
  • Wash Your Pond – Before you refill your pond, wash your pond. Use a hose and rinse your rocks and gravel starting from the top and working your way down. Periodically use the pump to drain out water as you clean. Once your water starts looking clear, your pond has been successfully washed.
  • Clean Filters – Next you want to clean your filters. Start by removing debris by hand and then rinsing the filter with a hose. Some bacteria for your pond is good, so don’t over clean your filter. Additionally, if your filters are looking pretty worn, now is the time to replace them.
  • Refill Your Pond – Once your filters are cleaned or replaced and your pump is connected, remove your cleanout pump. Then simply fill your pond back up with your hose. If you use city water, consider using a detoxifier specific for ponds to make your water fish friendly. Lastly, you will acclimate your fish to the new fresh water by placing their container in the water to normalize the temperatures and slowly introduce the fish to the new water.

We hope these tips will help you execute your spring pond clean-out. Cleaning out your pond for the preparation for warmer temperatures will ensure your pond will remain in good condition. Contact us at Just Pondering today to learn more tips about cleaning out your pond and the services we provide.