Signs You Need Water Feature Repair Services

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Signs You Need Water Feature Repair Services Water features make a great accessory to your pond and landscape. However, just like anything else, it’s required to have them maintained and repaired when needed in order to keep them in good condition. It can be hard to determine when your water feature isn’t working properly. Here are top signs to look for if you’re in need of water feature repair services.

  • Leak – Leaks are commonly caused by a tear or some sort of hole in the liner of your pond. If your pond water levels have decreased significantly, you may very well have a leak. Contact a professional for water feature repair services to determine the issue.
  • Pond Edges Are Low – Have you noticed that your pond edges are getting significantly lower as time passes? This can be the result of your pond edges settling, which can create a leak. This can be repaired by readjusting the liner and adding soil under it to make your pond edges higher.
  • Clogged Filters – Does your water seem murky or your fish don’t seem healthy? If so, you may have a clogged filter. Over time filters will gather debris, which will need to be removed and cleaned in order to maintain clear and healthy water. If your filter seems to be constantly clogging, you may need a bigger filter to maintain the size of your pond.

We hope these signs will help you determine if you need water feature repair services. If you have any questions regarding water feature repairs, and the services we provide, please contact us at Just Pondering today!