What You Need to Know About Pond Maintenance Services

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What You Need to Know About Pond Maintenance ServicesThe first thing that is important to know about pond maintenance services is how often you should have them done. Just like having your vehicles routinely serviced, you need to have your pond routinely maintained.  Having your pond maintenance done at least once a year will help to keep the ecosystem of your pond in balance. Cleaning out a pond is a dirty job, but it is one that will keep your water features working properly and your water clear for your continued enjoyment. Pond maintenance can be done at any time, but we suggest keeping it around the same time every year.

The process of pond maintenance is a dirty job that we love to do. The process includes some important steps:

  • Drain the pond and remove any fish
  • Pressure wash and pump out the sludge
  • Reposition fallen rocks
  • Tend to the aquatic plants
  • Clean filters
  • Inspect and clean the pump
  • Check underwater landscape lighting
  • Change light bulbs where needed
  • Refill the pond and return fish to the water

Here at Just Pondering, we understand how important pond maintenance is and we offer an array of pond maintenance services. If it has been a while since you have had your pond maintained, or it is time for your annual service, give us a call today. We have been in the pond business for over 12 years. Let our years of experience, professionalism and knowledge help you bring life and beauty back to your pond.